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Individuals who are in removal or deportation proceedings before the Immigration Court, may be eligible for certain benefits and defenses that are not listed here. Persons who are facing deportation should contact a licensed immigration attorney to review and assist them with their case as laws governing deportation and removal are very case-specific and complex.

Bond Hearings

Individuals who are held in ICE custody without a bond may file for a bond hearing before the Immigration Judge. The Immigration Judge may set a bond if the individual can prove they do not have serious criminal history, are not a flight risk, do not pose a danger to society and can demonstrate positive equities.

Deportation or Removal Proceedings

If eligible, individuals in removal or deportation proceedings can apply for various benefits which if granted, provide relief from removal.

BIA Appeals

If the Immigration Judge denies an application for relief, in certain cases an individual may file an appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals. The BIA is the highest administrative body for interpreting and applying immigration laws.

Federal Petitions for Review and Mandamus Actions

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